The UK driving theory test is changing from January 2012. The new theory test will be introduced using all new questions that will NOT be published, this is to encourage learner drivers and motorcycle riders to read, learn and actually think about the Highway Code rather than just learn the questions and answers.

The way the new theory and hazard perception test is conducted will remain the same, with the same pass marks.

You need to pass the theory test before applying for a practical driving test.

1) You should arrive at the Theory test centre in plenty of time, ideally 30 minutes before the start of the test.

Both Parts of your driving licence (paper and plastic card) are checked by the theory test centre staff. You will be asked to put any belongings such as bags etc into a locker.

2) Your will be shown to your test booth where the test will start once you are ready.

3) You will be able to have a 15 minute practice session if required.

4) You will start with the multiple choice theory test using the touch screen to select your answer/s. You will have 57 minutes to answer the 50 multiple choice questions. The questions will come up one at a time.

If you are not sure of an answer you can ‘flag’ the question and come back to it later on, and you can also change your answer/s if you think you have made a mistake.

Five of the questions you will be asked will be based upon a case study. You will be given a paragraph or several paragraphs of information relating to an imaginary scenario (such as a trip you may be taking in your car etc etc), and then be asked 5 questions on this case study.

In order to pass the multiple choice section of the test you will need to score at least 43 correct answers out of 50 questions.

5) You will then move on to the hazard perception element of the test.

After a short instructional video and one practice test video clip the test will begin.

You will be shown 14 video clips lasting about 1 minute each. You have to click on the mouse when you see a hazard developing.

One or more of the clips may have more than one hazard in them for you to respond to.

You will need to score at least 44 out of a possible 75 marks to pass this element of the test.

You need to pass both elements (multi choice and hazard perception) in order to pass the theory test. You will be given your result and a certificate if you pass at the end of the test.